On campus accommadation required for undergraduates. On or out campus possible for post-graduates. Hostel facility with each room equipped with CTV, individual bed, telephone, broadband internet line..


NSMU is a turely multicultural university, home to around 200 international students from the world.To meet the specific needs of our international students the University has a dedicated team provid..


Your tuition fees will cover the cost of your study at the University as well as charges for registration, tuition, supervision, examinations and graduation.Payment of fees will also entitle you to m..

Contact Us

For general queries about applying to NSMU, please contact: The International OfficeNorth Sichuan Medical University Fujiang Road No.234Nanchong,Sichuan, P.R China    Zip:637007Tel:+8..

Application Form for International Students

川北医学院外国留学生入学申请表CHINA NORTH SICHUAN MEDICAL UNIVERSITY APPLICATION FORM FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS 护照用名/Name in passport姓/Family name 中文名/Chinese name 照  片Photograph ..

Tour in China

Helpful Information Regarding Your Tour in China Climate: Nanchong China belongs to the temperate region, which has clear climatic characteristics, the four distinct seasons. The early summ..

Pattern of Study

  学习方式学习方式分为与中国学生同班、单独开班(全英文授课)。与中国学生同班:汉语水平达到相应专业学习要求,申请学生汉语水平(HSK)应为三级以上。自2013年起单独开班:申请同一学期同一专业外国学生,单独开班,全英文。 另外,我们为所有来校学生的外国学生提供专门的汉语培训及中国文化课程,课程包括中国历史、绘画、剪纸、太极拳、气功等。Pattern of Stud..

Medical Insurance

  医疗保险中国政府要求来华留学生在中国学习期间必须购买保险。留学生可购买由中国平安保险公司提供的医疗保险。不按规定购买医疗保险,学校将不予办理报到注册手续。医疗保险费用:800元/人/年 45岁以下. Medical InsuranceThe Ministry of Education of China requests that each foreig..

Admission Criterion

    招生类别及课程设置招收留学生专业:临床医学专业本科生★ 具有高中毕业学历以上;年龄18-30(本科毕业前不大于32岁)。★ 具备用英语或者汉语听课的能力(英语考试百分之八十以上或雅思6.5或汉语HSK III)。★ 医学预科学习成绩优良(相关国家医学预科成绩75%以上)。汉语语言文化进修生★ 一般应具有高中学历;年龄1..

How to Apply

     To apply for a course you will need to complete and submit our online application form. Follow the link below to begin the application process. You will find instruction..