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Sichuan Provincial Scholarship Seat

 Notice of Sichuan Provincial Scholarship Seats For 2018 academic year, Sichuan Province offered North Sichuan Medical College some scholarship seats. Details are listed in the following ch..

2017 Batch Students Orientation Ceremony

2017 Batch Students Orientation Ceremony    On Nov. 17th, 2017, the incoming students orientation was held ceremoniously in the academic room No. 407 Library Building...

Liabbilities for Outpatient Department

Liabbilities for Outpatient DepartmentEach Term of Insurance:1. Maximum amount: 20000RMB.2. Maximum for each day: 600RMB.3. Deductible: 650RMB4. Payment percentage: 85%.Procedures: 1. When sick, the ..

Hospitals Recognized by Ping An Insurance Company for NSMC

Hospitals Recognized by Ping An Insurance Company川北医学院附属医院 (三级甲等)Affiliated Hospital of NSMC地址:南充市文化路113号  电话:(0817)2246171急 诊:0817-2262120传 真:0817-2262579邮 箱  川北医学院校医院 ..

Medical Insurance Policy

Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Company, Ltd.Insurance coverage1、Ping An shall undertake the following insurance liabiliti..

Sichuan Provincial Scholarship Name List(Year 2014)

NoticeBy evaluating the overall performances of the scholarship candidates who had submitted their scholarship application forms, the Scholarship Committee of North Sichuan Medical College has agreed..

Sichuan Provincial Scholarship Candidates

The following students are the Sichuan Provincial Scholarship candidates of Batch 2013 for the year 2013-2014. If anyone has any objection to any one of the candidates, he/she can submit a real name ..

Qualifications for Excellent Students and Scholarship

Qualifications for Excellent Students and Scholarship1. The candidate should not get any warnings, including oral warning.2. The candidate should have passed all required subjects in the final exams...

Scholarship Notification

Scholarship NotificationThe Scholarship Committee of North Sichuan Medical University has finished selecting the candidates for 2012-2013 academic year Sichuan provincial scholarship. The following s..