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How to Apply

     To apply for a course you will need to complete and submit our online application form. Follow the link below to begin the application process. You will find instructions and help throughout the form. 

     You can save and return to your application as many times as you like before submitting, but your application will expire after 28 days of inactivity. We will email you to remind you before this happens.


 Apply Online

     Undergraduate Course:

    1,  Applicant has to fill in the required forms.

    2,  Applicant has to provide the passport copy.

    3,  Applicatnt has to submit the eligibility to study undergraduate course, such as 10+2 couses certificate or pre-medical study proof.

    4,  Applicant has to provide the character certificate or police clearance certificate.

    5,  Any further information needed when any unique issue is concerned.


Application Process:

     1,  The applicant reads the official information and sound statements through any channel as follows: website, booklet, videos, correspondence and appointed consultants, and makes sound judges and applies for being admitted willingly.

     2,  Fill in the application form honestly and attach your current photo on it.

     3,  Guarantee to follow the Chinese laws and NSMU’s regulations and teaching arrangements.

     4,  The application form is to reach NSMU by Aug. 20th, before we send out the admission letter and official Visa form (JW202), after your confirmation, the application can be cancelled.

     5,  NSMU doesn’t charge any application fees, but charge the admission and visa cost.


Admission Process:

     1,  Inspect and evaluate the required materials provided by the applicant, including application form, photos, guarantee, certificate of physical condition and the eligibility certificate of medical study, birth certificate (at least of 4 years’ residency) and proof of non-criminal record from the respective country.

     2,  Evaluate the qualifications of the applicant and sign the admission letter from NSMU Admission Committee.

     3,  Help to get the study visa (JW202) from the Chinese government departments.

     4,  Send out the official admission letter.


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