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Regulations for International Students-North Sichuan Medical University

Regulations for International Students

North Sichuan Medical University


Registration Procedures

1. For registration in North Sichuan Medical University (NSMU), the students are requested to contact International Students Affairs Office (ISAO) within office hours in prefixed period of time for registration along with the following documents:

1). Original passport with two Xerox copies (the photo page and the visa page)

2). NSMU Admission and Confirmation letters

3). Visa application form (JW202)

4). Physical examination record for foreigner (PERF)

5). 10 passport size photos

6). Original Intermediate/10+2 certificates

7). Police Clearance Certificate

2. Self-financed students should pay their entire fees of the same academic year at the time of registration.

3. The registration should be done at the beginning of each academic semester at the ISAO within the predefined time period according to the university schedule. Those who cannot register within the time due to their inevitable problems should submit an application at ISAO in advance for consideration. Those who do not register in NSMU after two weeks without permission will be disqualified.

4. Students are required to attend the orientation before the commencement of their formal classes.

5. Students should use their own ID card for meals in the canteen and for using the computer lab, library, laboratory, etc.

6. Students are assigned rooms with basic facilities in the International Students’ Dormitory. They should sign on the dormitory agreement and checklist before moving in.


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