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Legal Guidelines for Foreign Students

Legal Guidelines for Foreign Students

Welcome to Nanchong, China! In order to smoothly complete your study and enjoy a happy life in Nanchong, please abide by the Chinese laws. The following guidelines are provided by the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau of the Nanchong Municipal Public Security Bureau.

1. Foreign students must go through the procedures of registering a place of residence within 24 hours after entering into China. Students register at a hotel, guest house or university dormitory should present passports and valid visas. Students who will live in an apartment or inside a residential area should declare so and go through the necessary registration procedures at the local police station.

2. Those who violate the legal rules and do not go through the registration procedures or do not declare their residential registration to the public security organs will receive a warning or a fine of more than 50 RMB and less than 500 RMB.

3. A foreign student who enters the country with an X visa needs to complete the procedures of obtaining a residence permit from the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau within 30 days of entry. If he/she enters the country with a short term L or F visa, he/she must extend his/her visa or go through the residence procedures within the term of validity of the visa. The process of applying for a residence permit is as follows:

Foreign student enters the countryregister at the universitymedical check-up at the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureauthe university provides a certificate to allow the student to obtain a residence permitphotos taken at Entry-Exit Management Bureau and fill in the application formapply for a residence permit.

4. Foreign students studying in China must pay attention to the validity of their residence permit at all times. If the visa or residence permit needs to be extended, please extend it at the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau before it expires. According to the regulations, anyone who overstays after the expiry date will receive a warning, a 500 RMB fine for each day he/she overstays (no more than 5000 RMB), or detention. If the case is of a serious nature, he/she should leave the country within the prescribed time.

5. Any foreign student who is 16 years old or above must carry his/her identification documents or passport at all times to be ready for inspection by the police. In the event that your passport or entry-exit document is stolen, please report the incident to the local police station.

6. If a foreign student’s name, nationality or identity, attending university, address, passport number, or accompanying children change, please go through the procedures of registering the change within 10 days at the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau.

7. Foreign students are not allowed to be employed while studying in China, or earn work compensation in other disguised forms.

8. If a foreign student plans to leave Nanchong during a vacation, he/she should timely inform the college of where he/she will go. If a student finishes his/her study in advance, he/she should coordinate with the university teacher and go to the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau to cancel his/her residence permit.

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