Student Management / Regulations
Payment of Fees

Payment of Fees

1. International students should pay the entire fee of the same academic year at the time of registration. The fee includes tuition fee, dormitory fee, registration, examination, miscellaneous fee, and insurance, etc. All the fees must be paid in RMB.

2. Delay in payment of the fee within the stipulated time period will result into extra fine, which should be borne by the students.

3. Failure in payment of fees within the fine period without any rational reason will cost the student out of the dormitory and classroom till further arrangements /considerations are worked out by the ISAO and alleged student’s parents.

4. The accounts of under/over usage of electricity and water than the specified limit should be cleared by first week of every month in the Centre of Dormitory Management.

5. Receipt of the payment of the fees should be kept carefully for future reference.

6. Students who drop out of NSMU one month after the start of a semester can claim half of their tuition fees back. After one month, there will be no refund.


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