Student Management / Regulations
Lodging Contract


As a student of North Sichuan Medical Univeristy, I will guarantee to observe all the regulations of college.

1. The students must sign the lodging contract for living in the International Students’ dormitory and pay lodging fee on time. They must stay in the International Students’ Dormitory and comply with the “Regulations of Dormitory”.

2. The students must pay their tuition fee and the other expenses within the stipulated time. The University has the right to inform the Security Bureau to revoke their residence permits if they don’t pay the tuition fee and the other expenses required on time, without any special reasons.

3. As to students who withdraw from their studies or are expelled from the university before the end of term, their tuition fees will not be refunded. As to those who are admitted or allowed to resume their studies while the term has already started, they have to pay all the tuition fees for the whole term and the expenses for lodging according to the number of days they have actually stayed in the dormitory.

4. You should clean your room and keep it clean and tidy. You should keep the surroundings clean. Don’t stack your articles in the corridor. Don’t throw articles out of the windows.

5. We have some rooms with two or three or four beds. If the room is not fully occupied by required number of students for five days, the student will be asked to share another room with other students. A room will not be provided if he/she refuses the arrangement.

6. Please keep quiet in the room and the corridor. Don’t disturb others. Don’t dance, make a loud noise or turn the music up loud in the dormitory. Pets are not allowed in the dormitory.

7. Don’t dismantle or change public property in the room by yourself. Please take good care of public property. If you damage or lose something, you will be required to pay for it.

8. If you have a bicycle, you should go to the Public Security Bureau and register it. You should not leave it in the corridor. You must park it in the Bicycle Shed.

9. Don’t draw or write on the walls, desks, doors and furniture in the dormitory or the corridor. Shoes are not allowed to put out of your room in the corridor.  Posters and movie pictures are not allowed on the doors and in Public areas.

10. Students are not allowed to use any electrical equipment over 300 watts in the rooms. Cooking in the rooms is not allowed.

11. Cigarette smoking is not allowed in the room and in the corridor. If you do it, you will be punished and you must pay compensation for what you damaged.

12. Please let the Dormitory Management know if something is wrong with water, electricity, air conditioner, etc. in the room and corridor. If you find fire, water leaking, theft and something dangerous, please inform the Dormitory Management at once. 

13. The international students’ building is open at 6:00 am and locked at 23:00. Please observe the daily schedule.

14. Activities that are illegal or against the regulations of university are prohibited. Dormitory rooms are not allowed to be sublet.

15. Before entering the dormitory, students must pay RMB 50 for the remote control of TV and RMB 50 for a key to the door and RMB 50 for water machine as deposits. We return the deposits when students leave the dormitory.


I have gone over the content of regulations and promise to observe all the items. If I break any items of regulations, I will accept the punishment.


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