Student Management / Regulations



1. International Students are not allowed to burn any articles in the dormitory. No smoking inside your dorm. It is forbidden to set off fireworks in the dormitory.

2. Students are not allowed to change the power supply system without permission.

3. Electrical stoves are strictly prohibited in the dormitory. Please turn off lights when leaving.

4. Safety devices in students’ rooms must be of the type specified by the campus electrician team; if there is a breakdown, please report it to the person on duty for repair.

5. Students leaving the dormitory for a long time for field work, travel or for other reasons should turn off the electricity supply of their rooms.

6. Please do not move the fire equipment and fire extinguishers. Any damage to the fire equipment and fire extinguishers will be paid by the students who caused the damage.

7. If any students disregard the relevant regulations and a fire is caused, those who are responsible must pay for all consequential losses. In grave cases those responsible will be prosecuted by the judicial department.

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