Teaching and Study / Regulations
Class Attendance

Class Attendance

1. International students must study all the subjects offered by NSMU conscientiously and complete all the assignments.

2. International students should attend classes regularly—be in the classroom at least 10 minutes before class, observe class disciplines and should not leave class before it is over. 5 minutes late for the class or leaving the class before it is over will be regarded as absence.

3. If a student is unable to attend the scheduled teaching session due to illness, he/she should ask for leave in advance with the certificate from the hospital. The subject teacher may approve leave for one day only. The student should hand in an application to ISAO for leaving more than one day. The student who is absent without approval for leaving is considered as skipping class and will be handled in accordance with the seriousness of his/her case.

4. Students skipping classes in a term for 20 periods will be given an oral warning. Those who skip classes in a term for 50 periods will be given a written warning.

5. Those who skip classes for 1/4 of the total class hours in one semester will be demoted to a lower batch.

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