Teaching and Study / Regulations


      Transfer will be allowed before the start of a new semester. The student can start the procedure from the mid-term of each semester.

      A student can apply for transfer to other college or university under the following condition:

           The student is not eligible for the study of medicine and the transfer will offer a better chance to bring his/her potential into full play.

Transfer Procedures:

    1). The student who wants to transfer writes an application to SIEC.

    2). The transfer application should be confirmed by the applicant’s parents by mail or fax.

    3). The receiving college or university should send SIEC a mail giving their agreement to the transfer.

    4). After completion of the above procedures, a Transfer Permit will be given to the applicant.

    5). Once the Transfer Permit is given, the applicant’s Residence Permit in Nanchong will be terminated. A temporary residence permit will be issued by the “Alien’s Exit and Entry Administration Office” of the Nanchong Municipal Public Security Bureau. The applicant must apply for new Residence Permit in the city where he/she studies.

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