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Qualifications for Excellent Students and Scholarship


1. The candidate should not get any warnings, including oral warning.

2. The candidate should have passed all required subjects in the final exams.

3. The candidate should have actively participated in the extracurricular activities.

4. All students will get a comprehensive mark, which is calculated as follows:

  Total mark=academic marks + behavior marks +extracurricular activity marks + leadership marks+ certificate marks

5. Behavior mark=Maximum: 100, Minimum: 0.

    Perfect behavior will get 100 marks.

    The following factors will lead to the loss of marks.

One hour absence will lead to the loss of 1 point.

    One absence in class meeting will lead to the loss of 2 points.

    One absence in required activity will lead to the loss of 3 points.

    One oral warning will lead to the loss of 5 points.

    One written warning will lead to the loss of 20 points.

6. Extracurricular activities will be given extra points (Maximum points=50):

    SIEC activities:

        organizer:              5 points

        host/hostess:          5 points

        performer:              4 points

        assistants:              2 points

    NSMC activities:

        organizer:           10 points

        host/hostess:      10 points

        performer:           8 points

        assistants:          4 points

National activities:

        organizer:           20 points

        host/hostess:       20 points

        performer:           16 points

        assistants:            8 points

Award to prize winners (SIEC, NSMC, National):

       1st place: 8, 10, 12

       2nd place: 6, 8, 10

       3rd place: 4, 6, 8

        4th to 6th place: 2, 4, 6

7. Leadership mark

    Class monitor:            15 points

    Other monitors:           10 points

8. Certificates (provincial or national), valid for one time.

    General certificate (HSK, etc.): 20, 30.

9. For provincial scholarship, undergraduate students should be less than 30 years old; postgraduate students should be less than 35 years old.


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