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2014 Batch Students Orientation

On Oct. 24th ,2014, the incoming students orientation was held ceremoniously in the academic room No. 407 Library Building. Vice President Du Yong, Dean of School of International Education and Cooperation Yang Xiaogang, Vice Deans of SIEC Yan Hongwei and Zhang Siguo, teacher representatives and all the 2014 students participated in the orientation.


Vice President Du Yong of NSMU delivered a warm welcome speech. He introduced the university facilities and teaching resources to the students, encouraged the students to go forth for their dreams of becoming doctors through persistent hard work, and sent his best wishes for the students. Then, the Vice Dean of SIEC gave a welcome speech in which he pointed out that studying far away from home in China would be a great opportunity for the students to train themselves to be successful doctors. The journey would be a fortunate one. He encouraged the students to concentrate on their dreams and make necessary compromises to have a rich university life. Afterwards, teacher representatives Amit and Tao Jia respectively delivered their welcome speeches. The provided several pieces of advice for the students to be successful. Finally, senior and freshmen representatives Eugene and Mona delivered the final speeches. Eugene assured the freshmen that the university will provide the necessary resources for each student. He shared his studying experience and his feelings towards our university with the freshmen too. Mona represented the freshmen and expressed their determination to focus on their study.


As the first official meeting between the new students and teachers, the orientation provided an opportunity for the freshmen to learn about our university so that they can quickly adjust to the university life.




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