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“I Can Speak Chinese!”
——First Chinese Recital Competition of NSMU

    On Nov. 30th, the first Chinese recital contest was held ceremoniously in the Academic Room 407 of the Library Building. After the preliminary contest, 16 contestants from each batch made it to the final.

    This contest includes two parts: self-introduction and selected Chinese literary works. The results are based on the quality of the self-introduction, pronunciation, intonation, memorization, emotion, eye-contact and overall presentation. Through fierce competition Afia from the 2014 batch and Lydia from the 2012 batch with standard pronunciation and spectacular performance were tied for the first place. Ajitha and Wilfred both from the 2013 batch won the second places. Raima from the 2014 batch, Roland from the 2012 batch and Abishek from the 2013 batch won the third place.

    To some extent, this contest is intended to cultivate the interest of Chinese and improve the overall cultural accomplishment. We are hoping the doctors we are educating are not only domestic doctors but also doctors with an international view and overall cultural literacy so that they will have more options and a better future.


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