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2015 Batch Students Orientation

 On Oct. 13th, 2015, the incoming students orientation was heldceremoniously in the academic room No. 407 Library Building. NSMC President DuYong, Vice Deans of SIEC Yan Hongwei and Zhang Siguo, Vice Dean of Foreign Languageand Cultural Department Zhu Long, teacher representatives home and abroad,student representatives from senior batches and all the 2015 studentsparticipated in the orientation.

President Du Yong of NSMC delivered a warmwelcome speech. He introduced the history of NSMC and the facilities andteaching resources to the students, encouraged the students to take bestadvantage of school resources and make themselves great doctors throughpersistent hard work, and sent his best wishes for the students. Then, the ViceDean of SIEC Zhang Siguo gave a welcome speech in which he pointed out that asthe civilian ambassador, all the international students should try their bestand do constructive contributions to the international cultural communication.He encouraged the students to concentrate on their dreams and make necessarycompromises to have a rich college life. Afterwards, teacher representativesElla and Tao Jia respectively delivered their welcome speeches. They provideduseful pieces of advice for the students to be successful. Finally, senior andfreshmen representatives Eugene and Yin Bei delivered their speeches. Eugene shared hisexperiences in both study and life at NSMC. Yin Bei, representing the freshmen,expressed their determination to be great doctors and promised that all the newstudents would work hard with persistence. Finally, Vice Dean of SIEC YanHongwei introduced the student regulations to the students. The ceremony cameto a successful close.

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