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School of International Education and Cooperation 2015 Teacher-Student Badminton Match

The activity started off with theVice-dean of SIEC Yan Hongwei delivering an opening address, hoping allstudents enjoy the competition and make more friends through this activity. Healso emphasized that all the players should place personal safety first ratherthan the competition itself. Mr. Robert expressed his excitement in taking partin this competition and wished good luck to all the players. The President ofSIEC Student Association Mr. Embraj also gave a speech on thanking thedepartment giving the students a great chance that enriches their college lifeand hoped this activity a successful one.

Afterwards, the games were startedwith teacher’s men’s singles and women’s singles. All the games held were competitive as the various batches competed with each other in the variouscategories. There were men’s single, women’s single, men’s double, women’sdouble, and also mixed double. All the various batches put up a greatperformance and sportsmanship and the referees were very great. 

The finals of the match were heldon Sunday, November 1st . Players from 2012 Batch Haider won themen’s final, Sadaf of 2011 Batch won the women's single, Shanawaz and Hari of2013 batch won men’s double final and Nandini and Taruni of 2013 batch women’sdouble final, Bashir and Sadaf won the Mixed Doubles . Among the 72 playersfrom five batches, 24 of them have received prizes and all the participantswere awarded with souvenirs. At the end of the day the tournament come to asuccessful conclusion with the speech from the Sports Director Mr.Shaahid.


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