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The Second Chinese Recitation Competition

On Friday 13th November, the second edition of the Chinese recital contest was held at the Academic Room of 402 at the Library Building. After the preliminary auditioning a total of 16 contestants with representation each batch made it to the final. 
This contest included three parts: self-introduction and selected Chinese literary works and finally contestants where asked questions on Chinese knowledge and culture. The results were based on the quality of the self-introduction, pronunciation, intonation, memorization, emotion, eye-contact and overall presentation. Through a fun and exciting competition Ajitha from the 2013 batch won the first place and 1st prize. Abdullah (2011 Batch), Shafeeq (2013 Batch), Hashini (2015 Batch) won the second prize. Riama (2014 Batch), Sheeba Shalini Janet (2015 Batch), Mohammed Alfaris (2015 Batch), Mori Betty Nyoka Jackson (2015 Batch), Renuka (2015 Batch) and Fenil (2015 Batch) all won the third place.

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