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The 2nd China-India Youth Dialogue Held In NSMC

The 2nd  China-India Youth Dialogue was held on Saturday 21 May 24, 2016. Last time it was organized by China West Normal University. While this time, North Sichuan Medcial Collge is the proud organizer of this huge event which eventually turned out as a great success. After thorough analysis of articles, 14 speakers – (6 international students from School of International Education and Cooperation and 8 Chinese students) were selected to present on the grand day. The opening speech was given by the Vice Dean of SIEC Mr.Zhang Siguo. Each speaker presented their article with great spirit, sharing their knowledge and prospects about Indo- China relationship from the views of youth, pointing out the bilateral strength and weaknesses of the past and current scenarios. Before the end of 1st session Mr.Wang Rui(co-founder of India-China Youth Dialogue) gave us a commentary speech.

During the break there was funny interaction between the audience and the hosts keeping them intact with the program. All the students and teachers were amazed by miss Pu Bailus (Assistant Researcher of Center of India Studies, CWNU) fluent Hindi. The concluding speech was given by Mr.Liu Jiawei (Associate Professor of Sichuan University). In the end, after careful evaluation by the judges, Hari Hara Sudhan(2013 batch) bragged the 1st prize with his highly interacting speech. Enbaraj(2013 batch) and Kaiser(2014 batch) won the 2nd prize and Abdul Aziz(2013 batch) and Shamima(2014 batch) held the 3rd position. Parveen(2014 batch) was given an Excellency prize.

Overall this event turned out to be fun, knowledgeable and memorable event testing the students on their knowledge on these two sister countries. We are looking forward to the next aspect of this program which we hope would turn out better and on a higher level.

2016-05-23 By Abdul Kadars.M.Shaahid & Wang Zeyang SIEC,NSMC Visited:738